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Europe Doesn’t Work

Tim Congdon explodes the Myth of the Three Million Jobs-at-risk lie and related misconceptions

Europe Doesn't WorkSupporters of greater EU integration, such as the  deputy prime  minister, Nicholas Clegg, have  claimed repeatedly – on the  basis  of a 1999 report from the  National Institute of Economic and  Social Research – that  at least three million jobs  would be  at risk if the  UK withdrew from  the  EU. (a claim described it as ‘pure  Goebbels’.)

The claim rests on a misunderstanding.

Three million  British  people are involved in exporting products to the  EU, but their  jobs depend on the  continuation of trade, not  on continued EU membership.

Outside the  EU Britain – like any other country in the  world  – would  be able  to sell goods and services to EU member states. Millions of jobs  in China ‘depend on exports to the  EU’, but no one has suggested that  China must become an EU member.

The three-million-jobs-at-risk lie is ‘Euro-centrism gone  mad’

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