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Gloucester Brexit Rally 23rd June 2018

Brexiteers will congregate outside the Conservative Club in Constitution Walk in Gloucester at 10.30 in the morning for an 11am start and make their way via Eastgate Street, [...]


Energy prices? Blame the politicians!

Picture of gas burning on a cooker

I've said it so many times, but it seems we have to keep on saying it: it was the politicians who did it, not the energy companies. It was
Brussels that set up its climate and energy package with its wholly unrealistic emissions targets. It was our UK government that passed the Climate Change Act (with only a handful of votes against) - which actually went beyond what Brussels had demanded. Read More....

UKIP ethnic candidates fight back against opposition slurs

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The Truth About Trade Beyond the EU

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Click on the Image to Read why we are Better Off Out!

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

EU ‘Robin Hood’ tax could wipe £3.6bn off pensions

Up to £3.6billion could be wiped off the value of British pensions under European plans for a tax on financial transactions, a report warned yesterday .... Read More....

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