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A Whiff of the EU

UKIP is not against Europe just the European Union. We have seen how excessive regulation from the EU drive many small firms to the point of distraction. Here is yet another example and we  have every sympathy with our fellow Europeans in France over this utter stupidity.

This is taken from Euro Realist Bulletin by Derek Bennett

Those fortunate enough to visit the town of Grasse in the South of France will have experienced the en: Chanel No.5 parfumesmell of scent in the process of its making, the fragrance, from its production emanates the whole town.  However, if the EU has its way then Grasse, and the ladies who wear the produce made by perfumiers across the EU, will not smell as pleasant.

The EU elite, who know nothing other than EU bureaucracy, have decided that gives them the authority to legislate on a whole range of subjects. They have begun taking an interest in the secretive world of perfume production and, like everything else they poke their unwanted noses in, are about to create mayhem for that industry.

The EU, in its quest to stop a small number of ladies suffering from allergies to perfumes, have banned the use of certain ingredients used in their production, or the quantities perfume makers are allowed to use.  This is creating problems for perfume makers such as Chanel, whose perfumes have been in use since the 1920’s without problem.

The perfume industry has made complaints to the EU that even the most minor changes to the ingredients in their products could make a  major difference. 

Wherever the EU goes it leaves a rather bad whiff behind it!


Photo by Fiore S. Barbato